Congratulations, Tanya!

Congratulations, Tanya!
Tanya has won the competition!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sharon is a sexy, charismatic 63-year-old from California, who describes herself as ‘outgoing, loving and trustworthy’. Recently widowed, Sharon spends her time as a metal-smith, jeweler and artist; and is a devoted mother and grandmother. Sharon feels she would be a good model because ‘as a mature woman’ she has great ‘strength and exuberance for life that shines through’; and is a ‘good listener and quick learner’. She feels her ‘teeth, legs and smile’ are her best physical features, and names Lauren Hutton and Beverly Johnson as her favorite beauties, because of their incredible ‘radiant spirit’. Sharon presently makes jewelry and art from her home studio and shares her time with her sons.

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