Congratulations, Tanya!

Congratulations, Tanya!
Tanya has won the competition!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Paula is a stand-out 37-year-old beauty from California, who describes herself as ‘sexy, crazy and cool’. Paula loves her androgynous appearance and thinks it is edgy and fresh (and just hopes ‘the world will catch up soon, and think that too’). She thinks her best physical features are her high cheek bones and her smile, and describes beauty as something that comes from within, ‘by the beat of one’s heart’. Despite a rough childhood that included leaving home at 15, Paula put herself through college and came out ‘on top’. She’s proud of the competitive edge that helped her win a four year scholarship for basketball and track. Now she’s ready to tackle the modeling world. Paula lists her favorite models as Tamara Dobson and Grace Jones.

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