Congratulations, Tanya!

Congratulations, Tanya!
Tanya has won the competition!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Kathy is an alluring 39-year-old natural beauty who lives in Georgia with her husband and two children. Kathy describes herself as a ‘quiet, even-keeled, goofy, hard worker who enjoys new experiences.’ Although she loves her home life, Kathy has often wondered ‘what could have been,’ since she’s been frequently told she ‘should be a model,’, but has chosen to focus on her family first. Now that her kids are older, she’s ready to do something for herself, especially since the whole family is behind it (and she’s ‘secretly competitive’). Kathy thinks she has ‘the physical features, minus the diva personality’ to be a good model, and defines beauty as something that ‘shines from the inside out.” She thinks her eyes are her best asset, and is very proud of her husband and of raising her two 'fantastic, well-adjusted boys'. She names Christy Turlington as her favorite model.

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